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Nature's Hidden Charms by Liz Dean

Nature's Hidden Charms by Liz Dean

"50 signs symbols and practices from the natural world to bring inner peace, protection and good fortune"

This is a delightful ( I could say charming as it is that too) hard back book written by Liz Dean, Illustrated by Lizzie Harper and published by Welbeck Balance in 2021.  I was delighted to see it mentioned in a recent edition of "Kindred Spirit" magazine (issue 180 -  Mar/Apr 22) as part of the author's article on knot magic.  It is one of those books that can be read from cover to cover, or dipped into as the mood takes you.  In the strange and troubled times we find ourselves in this little book is a balm for the soul to take you outside, connect with nature and feel that gentle magic happen.  



  • The Back Of the Book Cover Says....

    From a feather to a fallen leaf or a pebble on the beach, we're all drawn to collect natural charms:  Little pieces of nature that carry significance beyond the literal:

    A charm is a living symbol of your wishes, This book is an invitaiotn to collect and create your won natural charms for protection, personal insight, good fortune and healing.  It will show you how to forge a deeper connection with the natural world that will make every wal  more magical.  From a herbsprig to a fallen twiglet or shell, you'll sense your find's elemental energy, and learn how to work with it a a ymbbol of positive intention for the present and future.

    Featuring folklore, symbology and practical rituals alongside ancien drafts and modern techniques, this beautiffully illustrated book will show you how to use the gifts of the natural world to make chams, talismans, amulets, altars and much more.

            Inside this book you will learn how to:

    • Open your senses to intentionally connect with nautre
    • Create a d make amulets, charms, altars and natural mandalas
    • Work with plants, trees, herbs, feathers, shells and stones
    • Understand the folklore, history and symbology surrounding the plants and practices included.

    From making a natural pendulum to evoking the sacred power of the circle to arranging yoru charms as a mandala for meditaiton,  this book is for anyone wanting to connect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of the natural world.

    So, take a breath, venture out - and prepare to be charmed.




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